Cloth, Sponge or Mitt?

Posted on 24th August

We compare the different cleaning products to help you find your ideal sponge, towel or mitt for getting that tough to beat grime off your car.
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2-in-1 Microfibre Wash Mitt

Using a 2-in-1 mitt will allow you to use one product for all the soft and hard dirt clinging onto the surface of your car.

Chenille Microfibre Noodles are a great way to soak up the soapy water in your bucket to soften the dirt on your car as you wipe away.

To ease the strain of removing tough muck, you can just spin the glove around and use the microfibre mesh, which is great for removing that bird or bug splatter but be careful not to use this course material too hard on soft-paint!

Did you know: One strand of microfibre is 10 times finer than silk and 100 times finer than human hair.



Super Large Pro Wash Mitt

Unlike its Microfibre friends, this furry mitt may be preferred due to its heavy-duty, absorbency and effective properties.

This glove is a great alternative to lambswool & other mitts. Its wool-like qualities provide the softness of sheepskin but the toughness of synthetic fibres. Use this mitt for regular washes or dirtier parts of your car such as sills and wheels.



Standard Jumbo Sponge

We are all too familiar with the trusty Jumbo Sponge; this ultra porous foam gives you a highly absorbent  sponge to attack the grime off your car.

A DIY tip would be to cross-cut 5-10mm channels along the face of your sponge to allow dirt to pull away easily from the paint as you wash your car. The trusty sponge holds a tremendous amount of soapy water to drench and protect the paint.



Microcell Wash Sponge

If you’re looking to clean with a little more accuracy then a two sided sponge will work well to remove those tougher bugs and stains.

The dual-sided sponge is ideal for bodywork, wheels, radiators grilles and other awkward to reach areas.



Microfibre Cloth

These cloths are made with the same material as the mitts, however, these are primarily used for drying and polishing your vehicle. Their quick drying element allows you to work quickly to remove water spots and leave a clean finish to your car.




Glass Microfibre Cloth

This cloth shouldn’t be mistook for your regular short pile microfibre cloth. With its super soft, fine weave, this cloth leaves all your windows and mirrors streak free and sparkling bright.



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