Here are some FAQs regarding membership of A1 Motor Stores. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, click here to enquire about becoming an A1 member.

Is membership only for retailers?

No not at all. We have a very strong and active A1 Motor Factor Group which provides all the trade support that you need to be competitive in your area.

Do I have to put up an A1 Motor Stores sign or use A1 branding?

No, but many of our members do and they benefit from the national recognition, as well as the marketing campaigns we push out to consumers. We use an accredited signage company for any member wishing to update their signage.

Is A1 Motor Stores a Franchise?

No, our members are all independents and proud of it, but we work as a cooperative – allowing us to grow together as one rather than individually.

Do I have to buy through A1’s approved suppliers?

Motor Factor members are required to support approved suppliers on key categories. At A1 we work continually to ensure our members are receiving the best deals in the market. For further details on our approved deals, please contact the A1 support team.

What happens to the profits you make?

A1 is a not-for-profit organisation, unlike some other buying and distribution groups. We operate on a profit share basis. The more a member spends with a preferred supplier or our distribution centre, the more they get back.

Can any retailer or motor factor join or is there a limit in terms of minimum turnover?

We do have some membership criteria based on size, location and type of business, but we’d urge anyone reading this and wanting to find out more to contact us. There`s no harm in meeting up to find out more about A1.

How difficult is it to join A1?

It’s very easy. We will come and visit you, explain all the benefits of membership, then you only have to fill in an application form and thereafter we will deal with everything for you.