Member Testimonials

A1 Motor Stores is a group that values teamwork and togetherness, so the thoughts and opinions of the membership are always extremely valuable.

Here are some testimonials from just a few A1 members:

“We moved over to A1 in January 2017 and have really benefited from the additional services they provide compared to our previous buying group. The rebates are better and there is a good range of suppliers for the hard parts side, but also on the leisure and accessories side which we are expanding. We have been helped immensely by the the A1 marketing team, who have made some amazing posters and online campaigns for us. They also made us a huge weatherproof banner to cover up our messy counter so now it looks amazing.

The quarterly factor meetings are informative, and they give me a chance to see what other members are doing and what more I can do. Being based in Hinckley we benefit from collecting, but £100 carriage paid order is easily made with the range of stock they have, and it has saved me buying from other cash and carrys. I also get rebate this way!

Thank you for all your support, A1.”

– Hinckley Motor Spares, Hinckley

“Together we can be stronger. We can negotiate better deals for us and our customers to help us compete in a changing market. I also talk to other members to get opinions on what to stock or what utility suppliers to use.”

– Epic Accessories, Leicester

“We joined A1 in October 2011 and we have already enjoyed better buying prices and suppliers stock. We can now compete against the ‘big boys’ so we think the future is looking bright.”

– Owestry Motaquip

“DIY Motorspares were founding members of A1. We joined A1 as we realised the significance of being part of a buying group that enabled us to compete on a level playing field with the larger retail chains.One of the vital components to our success has been the A12U Warehouse. With the wide range of products at competitive prices A12U enables us to compete because our availability and reasonable pricing of products.”

– DIY Motorspares

“We felt A1 Motor Stores, in terms of our service and overall package could offer a great deal more than some of the other groups” “Joining A1 Motor Stores has also improved things like faster rebates and POS material. The POS Material and promotional stationary is of very high specification and it certainly gives our shop a more professional look. Something a small independent would struggle to achieve.”

– Kevin Stockton, Manager of R H Autoparts